I saw your email on the MapInfo-L site.  MapCentric is an independent 
distributor of a number of add-on desktop mapping products throughout 
Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and South America.

We have a product, developed by Dataview Solutions, called RouteView which 
can do traveling salesman analysis.  There are various packages and options 
available within the RouteView range depending on your requirements. 
 RouteView? is completely data independent and allows you to process any 
link and node data.

RouteView? can quickly calculate and display shortest or fastest routes 
between different points in the order you want to visit them.  It also 
enables you to find the optimum route based on route types and speeds and 
also to calculate drive times and distances.  RouteView? also contains a 
function enabling you to calculate catchment areas based  on time or 
distance (isochrones).  These regions are critical for marketing and 
demographic analysis.                                           

RouteView Pro? contains all the features of RouteView? plus some extra 
analysis tools for the more demanding user.  RouteView Pro? has 
user-defined restrictions such as impassable one-way and other 
restrictions. You can also set variable road speeds for different times of 
the day and print out detailed directions including names, distances 
between each section, direction and which way to turn.  RouteView Pro? 
allows editing of roads so you can create short-cuts that would not 
normally be available in datasets (ideal for calculating walking distances) 
and includes a territory builder which allocates regions to the closest 
resources by drivetime.                 

RouteX? is based on leading routing and drivetime analysis packages 
RouteView Pro?.  Designed to be a platform independent OCX control, RouteX? 
adds key functionality to any development project.

RouteView? Software Developer Kit allows you to integrate all or some of 
the functionality of RouteView?  into your own applications. The kit is 
broken down into two sets of DLL's; Set One: Point to Point Route & 
Optimisation   and Set Two: Drive Distance and Drive Time Regions and works 
with any programming language that supports DLL calls.

From:   Frank Tanser[SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent:   05 July 1999 14:53
Subject:        MI Travelling salesman application

Has anyone developed a mapinfo application to handle 'travelling salesman'
type geographical problems?

Many thanks.


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