Have just installed MI 5.5
1. When saving a workspace an error appears syaing:

            "Unable to save workspace".

This happens when I try to overwrite an existing workspace. Any ideas?

2. When starting MI 5.5, an error appears saying:

            "(d:\program files\mapinfo\professional\mapinfo.mnu:1020)
Mapinfo database driver failed to load.D:\Program
Files\Mapinfo\Professional\MIDLOCI.DLL or dependant drivers not found."
I suspect this is because I have loaded an ODBC driver for which I have
no program installed?

3. Why does MI regenerate the screen so many times in a layout? Every
time I click on a tool or try to do anything at all, MI regenerates the
layout. This doen't happen in a map window, but it's beginning to drive
me up the proverbial wall and I've only had it installed for 1 day!! Is
there anyway to stop this?

I am suspecting that it may be something to do with the way I
uninstalled MI 4.52 - it didn't, for some unknown reason, show up in the
Add/Remove Programs under Control Panel and so I ended up just deleting
the files manually. I realise this is a bit of a no-no, but Windows gave
me no other option! So there could be something left in the registry
relating to MI 4.52 which is confusing it?? Can someone help... please!?



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