Hello all,

I am planning on building a utility which would allow you to build a map
which matched a given printed map. For example, in Canada you would specify
the NTS sheet name and it would set up a map with the appropriate data
limits, surrounds and projection. Neat eh? However to make it work I need
to build a database containing all that information. 

If anyone can point me in the direction of a source I would appreciate it
muchly. Not just Canada, but the US, Aus, anywhere.

After I get my hands on it I will compile it into a database which will be
available to anyone for free (the database that is) from my website.

Thanks for any help or tips anyone might be able to give.

Marc Pelletier
Data Donkey - Geophysical Data Processing, Consulting and Software Development
               Creator of the POWER TOOLBOX utilities for OASIS montaj
contact: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]  tel (306) 931-6853 or

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