I've had a little experience with creating WMF files in Mapinfo and
importing them into Corel 8 on a Windows 98 machine, PII with 128MB RAM.
I noticed two things with the WMF files: First, if I ran only MapInfo,
more 'stuff' appeared in my WMF file. Maybe some joker at MI said 'lets
give the process 10 seconds to finish whether it's ready to or not'.
Secondly if your data set is complex, what appears to be one polygon
will likely be comprised of many simpler smaller polygons to create the
complex shape. You can't see this until you print it off, or view the
data in wireframe mode. I've never had a problem with colours changing,
except for the pattern fills which don't translate because they are
extremely bizarre - has anyone noticed the extreme difference in
printing time on 650/750 plotters when you turn on and off MI's pattern

Everyone seems to love Superprint, which lets you export lots of types
of formats that MI doesn't ordinarily allow...ask someone else about it,
I know it works but have yet to use it...

As for saving bitmaps, I have a theoretical solution that may be able to
increase the virtual resolution of the bitmaps people get out of MI.
When I only had my little 8.5 x 11 printer on my Win98 computer and I
tried to save my layout window, the biggest I could export it to was
11", no matter how many tiles I may have had. When I installed the 750
driver, it went up to 36"...supposedly you should be able to create 54"
bitmaps if you get the driver for those printers - or maybe now that it
appears that the output size may be linked to the maximum page width of
the printer (at least in MO 5.0 in Win98) someone may be able to come up
with a codebuster...


Ron Halliday, Cartographer
Portolan Geomatics Consultants
1, 2119 34th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2T 2C5
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