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MapBasic 5.5 compilation can fail and generate an error if it doesn't like
your printer driver.

I have successfully compiled some code with MB 5.5 which was OK with 4.5 to
5.0 ver of MB, but, this happened only after I switched my default printer
from my HP LaserJet 4000 to my Lexmark 150c!

The section in the code which threw the floating point exception system
error was a reference to a layout zoom function.

I'm advised that this error can be triggered at run time by a buggy printer
driver.  I wish to advise all that this can now occur at compilation time.

The change of the default printer driver took a few seconds.
Please check this before uninstalling and re-installing MapInfo, MapBasic,
cleaning your registry, updating your printer drivers and then reinstalling
your operating system and programs from backup.


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