Tim & Robert,

I use WMF's almost exclusively for map output, to go into either Word,
Powerpoint or FolioViews.  Fill patterns are, therefore, one of my
perennial  problems.  The first few pattern options on the   Region-Style :
Fill-Pattern   seem to work, but with the others,  WMF'ed output will be

However, on the basis that there's more than one way to skin a cat,  you
might like to try Specfill.mbx,  (on:
http://www.ctmap.com/mapinfo/files2.htm  ),

You could also try http://www.geobasemap.com  which has a fill-pattern
utility that looks cool (but might cost money!)

I also came across Patterns.mbx  recently (somewhere on Mapinfo-L).

All of these will be more time-consuming than the standard fill-patterns,
but the increased flexibility (fill density, line-angles, symbol-patterns
etc.) might cheer you up as you waste your valuable time working-round
Mapinfo / Microsoft's problems.

Yours cynically,,

Brian Forrester
Mapping Analyst
Wood Mackenzie
74-77 Queen Street
Edinburgh EH2 4NS

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