I have a couple of questions for the list - 

I have a street data table with address ranges, etc.
And I have a bunch of new subdivisions with new roads coming into the area,
and nobody (not county agencies, commercial vendors, etc are keeping up with
the new streets!). I have taken the subdivision plat maps into MI and have
drawn the streets over them on cosmetic layer and saved as separate tables.
Now I would like to add them to the street data table.  So a couple of
issues come up:  1) when I save and close out then reopen the maps, they are
rotated! How can I avoid or correct this rotation?  2) How can I "insert"
the new streets onto my mega street map, and get them in the correct place,
i.e., georeference them? I have begun "playing" with this project for the
summer and thought perhaps before I got too far into it, would seek advise
from those in the know.  

Perhaps an additional question should also be: can I just edit, i.e.,
increase the address ranges for the new street segments in the mega table
and then increase the length of the street segments?  

Thanks in advance.

Fran Peck
Office of Research and Planning
Peoria Unified School District
6330 W Thunderbird Rd
Glendale, AZ 85306
Fax: 623-486-6111

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