Hello everyone,

        I have another simple one for you!!  After I create a legend for a
particular layer, I can not get the legend to reappear after clicking on
the legend button!!  Am I doing something wrong here?  I played around
with the legend manager a little bit and tried it again and still
nothing!!  Can someone give me a quick fix on the problem?
        Also, I do not have much programming experience but would love to learn
how!  Does anyone know of any publications that could help me get
started so I can use MapBasic to my advantage??

                                Thanks again!

                                Chad Scheidecker
                                Student - Forest Management
                                Louisiana State University
                                Baton Rouge, LA 70803
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org:            Louisiana State University
email;internet: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
title:          Major - Forest Management
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version:        2.1
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