Hi listers

I have a relatively simple problem (I think). it is in relation to
plotting a fairly large data set onto a HP750c.

My problem is not the size of data or memory but I cant seem to get the
printer to match my screen settings for colours.
I have tried using all options available under the "document defaults ,
options , colour control" but without success. The driver is the HP
Design Jet Printer Driver ver 4.0.

The strange thing is, I never used to have this problem before we
changed from a NT server to Novell. I am running Mapinfo 5.5 on NT 4 and
before you point the finger at v5.5, I have also tried the same prints
on v4.52.

If anyone out there can shed some light on the hiccup I would be glad to
hear from you.

Thanks in advance

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