Apology accepted Chad!  Mistakes can, and do happen.  Why oh why is it, that all
the lessons we learn in life, are either painful or expensive....hmmm.


Chad Scheidecker wrote:

> To everyone,
>         I know what happened yesterday upset a lot of people and for that I am
> sorry!!  I sincerely did not mean to send that message to the list and
> hoped you would all understand that is was a MISTAKE!!!  I have been
> getting much HATE mail which makes me feel even worse!!!  ONCE AGAIN, I
> apologize to anyone I may have offended, but like everyone on the list,
> this is my livelihood and my JOB!!  I am a new user with not much
> reference material and this list has helped me tremendously since I got
> on it!  I don't know what else to say to everyone but I am SORRY!!
> Please try to extend me the courtesy that you would to any of your other
> business associates and treat me as such.  Have a nice day and I hope to
> hear from all of you real soon.
>                                 Sincerely,
>                                 Chad Scheidecker

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