Has anyone had problems configuring MapInfo(any version) with NT4(spack 5) and Win95(osr2) clients at the one site, on the same network and all accessing the same data on an NT Server?
In particular, the problems I am experiencing are related to the following:
  • Text prints out much larger through NT than Win95 which causes havoc with title blocks, logos etc - exactly the same workspace/data/printer is used in both cases
  • Print files with raster images through NT are up to 4 times the size of those created through Win95 and generally won't print via NT - we are using HP's latest drivers (ver4.1) for our 650c
  • Output from Vertical Mapper (ver 2.1.1) through Win95 produces checker board slope analysis maps which are unusable but come out OK through NT
If anyone can help with the above it would be very much appreciated.
I also came accross another gotcha wrt workspaces in Ver 5.5.  Printer settings are now saved with the workspace, which is great until you upgrade the printer and the workspace has a hernia looking for the old printer and stops loading the layout window.
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