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If you are interested in Win32 API and haven't yet bought Dan Appleman's exelent book, have no Visual Basic or if you are just lacking some special information about it. It is worth checking out Win32 API function reference at
most of which you can use with MapBasic.
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Date: 15. heinäkuuta 1999 8:03
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Hello Jacques and all,
If you go to my website, then to WinAPI, you will find the source code you copy into you MB app that stops the user from closing, moving, min, and max. The "resize" is removed from the menu command [top left of window] but the window still has "drag" [at least on WinNT] capability.
Languages like VB MB Delphi C etc, are just an easy way [sometimes not the best way] to control Windoze....but the WinAPI "IS" Windoze.
I have a prologue that lists a few books that popped up on the results at [notice no link, check you favorite book outlet] of about 130+ when I entered "WinAPI' in the search......I'm not promoting anything but look into the author's integration with VisualBasic [that's the first listing and pub'd 1999] as very little is different from MB [API uses "long" as an integer where MI is just "Integer"] which will make understanding how to setup the call a bit easier.  The books should have the calls listed [or maybe CD] which will help.  All the stuff I have came with developer software [Delphi/VB] and is extremely difficult to understand as most of it references the C++ structures.
Here's what is currently on available [more as get the time]
   Get a list of the files in a folder
   Get the "Windows" folder
   Get the "Windows System" folder
   Get the "System Temp" folder
   Get the current folder
   Set the current folder
   Create New Folder

   Get the handle of the current focused window [blue title bar]
   Disable Min/Max/Close on a window [can be any window]
   Your own Message Dialog

SYSTEM FUNCTIONS [date/time, etc]
   Get the System TIME [also for creating Globally Unique Identifiers Guide's]
   Delay without code loops
   Get the "User" Name [network log-in]
   Use you own INI File

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