I'm looking for any scripts/extensions/software/techniques 
which can be used on/with Mapinfo/VM to aid in the creating of 
statistically robust thresholds for density/interpolated grids.
What I'm researching more precisely is crime data, and how to apply 
thresholds for the defining of a crime hotspot.
    The original data is point data, which I create grids from, using 
the different techniques available in Mapinfo/VM. The question comes 
then to how applicable the different values are to setting a 
statistically threshold, and how to do this.
    Good rules of thumb would be welcome, but also autocorrelation 
statistics, or LISA statistics, such as Gi and Gi*, or Morans's i.    
     Help would be most appreciated, as I am seeking to research how 
well Mapinfo/VM and ArcView Spatial Analyst are suited to perform 
this task, the results being advice to police cartographers on 
possible steps to follow.    

       Svein Reid, Msc GIS, University of Edinburgh.
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