Who is doing the photogrammetry?  Is your photogrammetrist 
doing "softcopy" aerotriangulation or are they using 
analytical plotters?  Do you intend to use only rectified 
imagery or are you going for orthophotos?  What type of 
terrain are you working in?  Is this urban, rural, dessert, 
forest, what?  What do you need to resolve?  Are you having 
your imagery scanned by a professional mapping company that 
uses a calibrated photogrammetric scanner?  What calibrated 
focal length are you using from what altitude?  What is the 
AWAR - Area Weighted Average Resolution of the mapping 
camera?  Did it have IMC - Image Motion Compensation?  Was 
it turned on for the flight?  What is the level of image 
smear?  Who wrote the specifications for the photography? 
 Is this color, color infrared, or panchromatic?

Is this a professional mapping project, or is some 
secretary/typist going to stick paper prints into an 
office-grade HP scanjet?

Just a detail or two would help ...

Clifford J. Mugnier ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
The Topographic Engineering Laboratory
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
New Orleans, Louisiana  70148

Voice and Facsimilie: (504) 280-7095

On Wednesday, 14 July, 1999 9:15 PM, Steven Heapy 
> Our Council has just had some aerial photography flown at
> 1:5000 and are
> investigating at what DPI we should have this scanned at
> ie 600 or 1200
> We are currently testing both, obviously the 1200 
> more storage
> and cost but gives an improved image on the screen and
> prints better.
> However both images that are printed through MapInfo 5.5
> in the layout
> seem to loose a fair amount of quality compared to being
> printed in say
> Photo Editor.
> Also has anyone used and printed images compressed with 
> Sid over a NT
> network.
> All comments, sugestions and ideas regarding DPI
> (resolution), storage
> and printing would be appreciate
> Regards
> Steve
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