Thanks very much to all who have responded. Some suggestions used the ObjectInfo command in MapBasic, as in Mike Eden's reply..
Select * from <TABLE> where Str$(ObjectInfo(obj,1)) = "5" into RESULTS

The number after obj stands for the Mapbasic equivalent of
OBJ_INFO_TYPE, while the number 5 in quotes stands for points which you
may freely substitue with other objects - see table below.

OBJ_TYPE_ARC                     1
OBJ_TYPE_ELLIPSE                 2
OBJ_TYPE_LINE                    3
OBJ_TYPE_PLINE                   4
OBJ_TYPE_POINT                   5
OBJ_TYPE_FRAME                   6
OBJ_TYPE_REGION                  7
OBJ_TYPE_RECT                    8
OBJ_TYPE_ROUNDRECT               9
OBJ_TYPE_TEXT                    10
And here's the answer from Massimo Corinaldesi:
For Point:
Select * from <YourTable>
            where Str$(Obj) = "Point"
For PolyLine:
Select * from <YourTable>
            where Str$(Obj) = "Polyline"
For Region:
Select * from <YourTable>
            where Str$(Obj) = "Region"
For Text:
Select * from <YourTable>
            where Str$(Obj) = "Text"
Thanks again to all the single-step wizards out there

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