No one has published a decent lake map of my favorite fishing hole so I
thought I'd put together one for myself using MapInfo and other
resources.  I do city maps by profession, so this is a new kinda GIS for

me.  I've already thought of a few sources of data such as the old USGS
topos and the old USDA soil survey books from before the reservoir was
filled in 1973.  Also, I figure that the Corp of Engineers must've done
some really detailed maps of the area before the reservoir was
impounded.  I am wondering if there is any old remotely sensed data
available that would be useful or even if any currently available
satellite data would be useful in locating fishing hot spots.  Any
anglers out there in MapInfo world with guidance?

Phil Dupler

BTW I picked up an interesting book entitled Catch Fish with Maps by
Robert Knops c. 1995.

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