I've been working for some time now on an Access 97 / MapInfo 4.1 system to manage 
mineral tenements. The majority of the processing takes place in Access, which calls 
MI to view various boundaries. I have managed to get most of this working (after 
lifting quite a bit of code from this list).

I've got one problem. Initiating a session of MI from within Access takes some time. 
Part of my borrowed code goes something like:
        OnError GoTo CreateObj   
        Set mapinfo = GetObject(, "mapinfo.application")

           Set mapinfo = CreateObject("mapinfo.application") 
           Resume MIContinue

This is called from a form giving the option to view an individual boundary. The 
strange thing is that Access never seems to pick up on the fact that there is an 
instance of MI running, and if you view 5 boundaries in turn, you end up with 5 
instances of MI running in the background, and a PC which is slowly grinding to a halt.

Can anyone tell me just where I am blowing this?

Thanks for your time,

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