> Greetings,
> I wanted to let you know about a new discussion list focused
> on metadata (for those of you who don't already get enough
> email!)... Metadata-L.
> The main objective of this list is to provide the GIS
> community with an open forum to share ideas and discuss
> metadata issues and strategies.
> The idea for the list came from our friends at RTSeUSA
> www.rtseusa.com, developers of SMMS3 oh! for publishing FGDC
> Compliant metadata. The folks from RTSe will be actively
> involved and they will be encouraging all of their
> associates and contacts from the FGDC to participate.
> To register for the list send a blank email to:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (no subject necessary)
> As always, its a good idea to introduce yourself and perhaps
> briefly describe your involvement and interests in metadata.
> Online archives for this list and many others (including Mapinfo-L) are available
> at http://spatialnews.geocomm.com/community/lists/

There are currently more than 225 subscribers and the list
is quickly coming to life! 

> regards
> Glenn

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