Hello all,

Does anyone know a way to obtain the width and height of the page in a =
layout window?  I need to get the page size so my MapBasic app can =
automatically draw a frame on the layout and add tittling, legend, =
labels, etc.  I want the user to be able to first select a printer and =
paper size through the Printer Preferences dialog and then have the app =
format the layout accordingly.

I know you can use the WindowInfo function with =
WIN_INFO_PRINTER_PAPERSIZE to obtain a constant that can be looked up in =
the PaperSize.def file.  But there are two problems with this, 1) if its =
a user-defined size you can't get the dimensions this way, 2) I will =
have to hard code the dimensions for all the paper sizes (there are more =
than 100!).  There surely must be some way to do this.  After all, =
MapInfo displays this info in the Layout|Options dialog.  And it works =
correctly for user-defined sizes!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Sadler

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