I have looked at previous postings especially one titled "re:MI-L" by =
Bill Wemple (11/8/2000) which was helpful in understanding quantiles. =
Essentially the quantile sets the totals for the given range equal for =
each range. Great got that, but please explain when you create a =
thematic map you can quantile using another column. In the explanation =
Bill gave, he quantiled against the same column or in his example he was =
looking at the the total population of each state quantiled by the total =
population. What happens when you quantile using a different parameter? =
For example when you ask for the total population quantiled by the urban =
population.  When I make two maps one of total population quantiled by =
urban population and compare it to urban population quantiled to urban =
population they are almost identical but not quite and I can't figure =
out why. Furthermore why would you want to quantile using another =
parameter in the first place?

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