>every one knows that on a 1:24000 scale map, One inch =2000 feet.  

Not everybody knows this, and this is the key point.  You have to remember
some (sometimes very odd) conversions for ounces to pounds to tons, from
inches to feet to miles,  from liquid ounces to gallons.  And you have to
make many operations, except for 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 inch.

In metric, this is as easy as you'll ever get.   Divide or multiply by
1000.   In all cases.   Liters, litres, milliliters, cubic meters.
Grams, kilograms, tons.   Millimeters, meters, kilometers.     Even the
name of most units remind you what they are.  kilo=1000, milli=1/1000.

And about a "body measure" for a meter, just extend your arm to your side.
 One meter is approximately the length from the tip of your fingers to your
opposite shoulder. 
       Ing. Juan Pufleau C.
Geografía y Electrónica, SA de CV
      Aguascalientes, Mexico

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