Has anyone else had the problems I am having? 
My Network print server recently switched over to Win2000, (The same op
system I use locally) and ever since that fateful day I can no longer
properly print any files larger than 15M to my HP Designjet 750C plotter.
Even files I printed the week before the switch now no longer work.
My IT people seem helpless to solve this problem and I am out of
Constant messages such as "out of memory data was lost"
Plotter is maxed out in memory. I have switched out the memory with new
memory and it still will not work. I have tons of disk space, tons of RAM.
I can't get it to work even if I process print jobs in my computer or even
if I print to a file and copy directly to the printer. 

Any suggestions are welcome
Job offers in Boston area also welcome as my future here appears less
inviting every day this remains unsolved!

- Pete McDonald
GIS Solutions

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