My original question was:

I have some scanned map sheets of parts of italy. They only have the sheet
numbers (ie F143 ii NE) and not xy coordinates. I can find out the coordinates
by refering to the italian national grid and finding the corresponding sheet
number. However, I don't know where to obtain a copy of the italian national
grid with this information on. Does anybody have this information or know where
I can get it (we've looked on the italian OS website with no luck).


Here are some useful replies:

The reply from Gianmario Nava was the most useful and allowed me to reference
the maps to UTM zone 33. He also sent me an excel file of long/lat coordinates
for the upper left corner of each sheet in the Rome region. If you'd like a copy
please email me and I will forward it:

Do you have images of 1:25.000 topo maps? I think so, in this case F143 II NE
sheet is named ACILIA.
You can build italian grid in this way:
The central meridian is placed in on Monte Mario, near Rome, which longitude is
12° 27' 10,93" east Greenwich reffered to ED50 spheroid.
Every 1:20.000 sheet is 0° 7' 30" longitude wide and 0° 5' 0" latitude wide
The sheet named Monte Mario is 149 I NE and his upper right corner has
coordinates E 0° N 42°
The oder of sheets is
Acilia is the second sheet above Monte Mario, or the third if you count Monte
Mario, at the same longitude. So its upper right corner has coordinates: N 42° -
3*0° 5' 0" and E 0°

F  means foglio ad in effect is reffered to 1:100.000 topo maps on which are
based geo maps

139 is the number of the 1:100.000 sheet

III (roman number) indicate the "quadrante" I don't know how to translate
may be quads or similar they have the order I told you, but I give you an scheme
in attachment

SO means Sout West
SE South East
NO North West
NE North East
Theese are "tavolette" or tablets at 1:25.000 scale

Please find in attachment the chart of your maps

Once defined the italian grid in geographic coordinates you can easily
project it in UTM zone 32 (better for fuse 1 at the west from M. Mario) or
zone 33 (better for fuse 2 at east from M. Mario)

Alberto Antinori suggested purchasing the vertex coordinates from IGMI - who
make the maps:

The maps you cope with are "Tavolette", the old 1:25.000 topographic maps
produced by the IGMI (Istituto Geografico Militare Italiano) up to '60s.
I could send from home an image showing geographically the meaning of their
name (ie F143 ii NE is for Foglio (1:100.000) N0143, Quadrante 1:50.000 N0 II
(2), Tavoletta Nord Est. Each Foglio is made of 4 Quadranti and 16 Tavolette.
Their geographic cut frame is made by pars and meridians of the Italian
System known as Gauss-Boaga (a Transverse Mercator with particular parameters)
and the vertex coordinates were once for all determined by the IGMI who detects
this data. You could try to apply to their site
as I did just now and I found that they sell UTM and GB (Gauss-Boaga) vertexes
coordinates for each Foglio (see the F143) comprising 16 Tavolettes ON PAPER
them please...) for 10 KLit. (about 5 $ nowaday). I had to talk them by phone
the list-price on line was not so complete about. They also do not accept
by credit cards.

Cliff Mugnier suggested another source of an index:

Your index map for sheet numbering is in:

"World Mapping Today "
by Parry & Perkins,
Second Edition,

Page 796.

(It's printed in the UK, but is a bit pricey).  Sheet lines are on the
graticule and not the Grid.

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