Dear Users,

Thanks for your plethora of responses - i think the problem has been
resolved.  Thanks especially to Bill Wemple for providing the most accurate
response, which i have attached below.

I think this is what you are looking for...

Error "Cannot perform edit. " when attempting to edit table with 29 fields

Error "Cannot perform edit." when attempting to edit table with 29 fields
indexed.  Prior to version 6.0, the error message also said "Someone is
currently editing the table".  The error message is confusing and
incorrect.  In version 6.0, the secondary message was changed to "Unable to
create index."

There is a per table limit of 29 indices.  In other words, for each table,
only 29 fields can be indexed.  Because MapInfo creates an additional index
when a user begins editing (FastEdit Off), it cannot edit tables with 29
fields indexed.  To edit such a table, users must either turn FastEdit On
or drop one of the indices.

Hope this helps

As a result i have only indexed the most relevant fields, and the program
indexes other fields as and when they are utilised, then removes the index
after the find operation is complete.  Not the most sophisticated of
answers, but it doesn't seem to slow the search terribly much.

Thanks once again


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