It is kind of a long history and I will try to leave out all of the politics 
involved to make it shorter.  For a long time 0.20 has been the stable release 
of Hadoop.  It is supposedly in sustaining releases now, but many new features 
keep going in because that is what most people use in production and they do 
not want to wait several years for a new interesting feature.  One of the very 
big features that went in is security.  There was a separate branch created for 
it which is branch-0.20-security.  Branch-0.20-security has essentially 
replaced branch-0.20 as the 0.20 release branch.  All features that go into 
branch-0.20-security or any other release branch are also supposed to go into 
trunk first, if they are not specific to branch-0.20-security.  So in theory 
everything in any release has also been applied to trunk.

--Bobby Evans

On 9/28/11 9:01 AM, "Praveen Sripati" <> wrote:


There seems to be continuous changes to the 'branch-0.20-security' and also
there are references to it once in a while in the mailing list. What is the
significance of the 'branch-0.20-security'? Do all the security related
features go into this branch and then ported to others?


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