Hi Yuri,

I have successfully used  <maplink> embedding objects in wikipedia-fr,
of the both types :
* raw geojson inclusion 
* references to wikidata objects via Geoshaphes service

This is really great, and particularly the latest (geoshapes / wikidata tags).
I hope this will motivate the 3 communities (WP, WD and OSM) to set the tag 
into OSM.
But I noticed a strange behavior : when adding the wikidata tag on an OSM 
then including a maplink tag on a wiki page, the object is not available at 
There seems to be a delay of several hours, or maybe several days.

I suppose there is a cache of some sort to wait for.
Please, do you know where this delay comes from ? an OSM cache ? or on the 
geoshapes side ?
And what is its typical duration ?

For an example, on my test page :
For the moment, the 1st maplink (Limites du PNR de Chartreuse)
is displayed, as I created it a few days ago, but the following ones are not 

My questions are maybe odd, but I plan to largely advertise these new features 
towards the french WP community. I would like to be able to explain if sometimes
it doesn't work well at once, in order to not discourage people who would like 
to try
their first edit.

Le 2016-09-09, Yuri Astrakhan a écrit :
> Dear community, this week we enabled <maplink> support on all Wikipedia and
> sister projects.  This means that now an article can have a link to a map,
> and that map may contain highlighted regions and popups with information.
> [1],[3]
> Our next step is to add an informational sidebar to the map, similar to
> what is being shown on the "geohack" page (map link in the upper right
> corner of most location articles).  Check out proposed screenshots [2]
> We now also have a geoshapes service. So if Open Street Maps community has
> defined a region and assigned it a Wikidata ID, you can draw it on the map
> with that ID. Or you can use Wikidata Query Service (via SPARQL language),
> to query for those IDs and draw them on the map, coloring them and adding
> popup information. [3] Geoshapes can also be used for the graphs. [4]

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