It's the key element in the 7.2 release...

Thomas would have to provide an update on status though. I heard rumors of 
potential funding to finish the work - a good thing, but I don't know specifics 
on status or timing.


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Thanks, let us give this a try.

How do we get this officially added to the dev road map?

Thanks, Ian

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Thomas had posted on the topic almost a year ago:

I don't think there was a great deal of response. I was able to get things 
compiled and kinda working with the Leaflet MVT client.

The example uses fixed x/y/z tile (13/1954/2855), hence the repetition. 
MapCache doesn't support MVT so I created the vector tile using a WFS request. 
I got stuck trying to figure out why the vectors for Dishpan WMA and the 
polygon to along the right edge of the tile didn't align better with the 
underlying raster tile - they were generated from the same params. Clearly 
Thomas' code is capable of producing something that a client can render.


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What plans, or what support if there for vector tiles?


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