I am working on a WMS that deals with Inland Electronic Navigational Chart (IENC) data. Most of its point features can be rendered by simple *.gif files in the map-file like that:

    SYMBOL 'foobar'

where 'foobar' is linked to a certain *.gif file.

This works fine. But now I want to create symbols that can't be rendered by simple gif-files,
because - in a way - they have to be dynamic. Let me explain what I need.

I want to create symbols like those two on the attached screenshot. These symbols consist of three parts:
- One Point in the center
- Two dashed lines that start at this centerpoint and point into certain directions - A "part" of a circle, that is spanned between the two dashed lines (red on screenshot).

As you can see, the structure of those symbols is always the same, but depending on the angle of the dashed lines, the symbols can look different (e.g. on the left symbol of the screenshot you can see the part of the circle very well, whereas on the right side symbol the "circle" is just a tiny little area between the lines). What should stay the same is the radius of the "part-circle" and the length of the dashed lines.

What I have:
- The coordinates of the center point
- The directions of the dashed lines (in degree)

Now, my question is, if it is possible to create these kind of symbols with Mapserver.
I'm thinking of SVG-Symbols or a combination of VECTOR Symbols like that:

        NAME 'square'
                0 0
                0 2
                2 2
                2 0
                0 0

If anyone got an idea, I would really appreciate it :-)

Thanks in advance.
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