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> In a vector PostGIS DB case a layer can be configured to have a dynamic
> client-side filter through the following base syntax, which is fine and
> works for vector tables in the DB:
> DATA "geom FROM some_table using unique id using srid=4326"
> FILTER (id = '%id%')
> As I understand it this in effect this generates an SQL statement where
> the FILTER is created as a where clause in the DATA SQL.

this only works for a vector layer.

> However, in a raster DB example the DATA syntax shown at this link
> [http://postgis.net/docs/RT_FAQ.html#idm28328] is as follows:
> DATA "PG:host=localhost port=5432 dbname='some_db' user='some_user'
> password='some_password' schema='some_schema' table='some_table'
> where='id=12' mode='2' "

Raster layers use GDAL internally and AFAIK don't support FILTER at all. But 
GDAL allows to pass a WHERE clause via the DATA string as described at the 
PostGIS docs or at 
Since runtime substitution is applied by MapServer before using the DATA string 
you can use something like
  DATA "PG: [...] where='id=%id%' [...]"
Together with a proper validation as described by Steve L.:
    'id' '^[0-9]{1,3}$'
    'default_id' '-1'

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