Hi Kirby,

That error is usually a DLL problem.

at the command line, run mapserver  ...  C:\..\..\mapserv.exe

If there are any missing dll's,  it will tell you. If it does not, 
then restart your computer.  WinXP Pro SP2 seems to be a little more
fussy than older versions.

Restarting after a fresh install has fixed that problem for me a couple times.

If that doesnt help, then use the version of MapServer from maptools.org/dl

Ken Lord
Vancouver BC

On 10/16/05, Kirby James <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried to install Mapserver on Windows XP SP2 using the IIS server.
> When I interrogate Mapserver using http://my_machine/Scripts/mapserv.exe
> I get a web page containing the message "No query information to decode.
> QUERY_STRING not set." Which I guess implies that much of the
> configuration is OK.
> I've tried to install the Itasca example - I can correctly see the index
> page "http://my_machine/mapserver/workshop/index.html"; but when I
> "Initialize" the "Basic Application" option (which delivers a URL of
> http://my_machine/Scripts/mapserv.exe?layer=lakespy2&layer=dlgstln2&zoomsize=2&map=%2FInetpub%2Fwwwroot%2Fmapserver%2Fworkshop%2Fitasca.map&program=%2FInetpub%2FScripts%2Fmapserv.exe&root=%2FInetpub%2Fwwwroot%2Fmapserver%2Fworkshop&map_web_imagepath=%2FInetpub%2Fwwwroot%2Fmapserver%2Fworkshop%2Ftmp&map_web_imageurl=mapserver%2Fworkshop%2Ftmp&map_web_template=itasca_basic.html
> I get the response "CGI Error - The specified CGI application misbehaved
> by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did
> return are:" - with no text following.
> I've tried various combinations of paths in the MAP file (latest version
> shown below) - but keep getting the same result.
> I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how I can identify the cause of the
> problem,
> Regards
> Kirby
>  WEB
>   HEADER templates/header.html
>   TEMPLATE "set in index.html"
>   FOOTER templates/footer.html
>   MINSCALE 1000
>   MAXSCALE 1550000
>   IMAGEPATH "set in index.html"
>   IMAGEURL "set in index.html"
>     WMS_TITLE "UMN MapServer Itasca Demo"
>     WMS_ABSTRACT "This is a UMN MapServer application for Itasca County
> located in north central Minnesota."
>     # change this value to match your setup
>     WMS_ONLINERESOURCE "http://my_machine/mapserver/workshop/index.html";
>     WMS_SRS "EPSG:26915"
>   END
>  END

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