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Michal Schorm
Software Engineer
Core Services - Databases Team
Red Hat


On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 3:14 PM Georg Richter <> wrote:
> Hi Michal,
> about ABI breakage:
> Since MySQL 4.1 all public structures like MYSQL, MYSQL_FIELD have an opaque 
> pointer called extension, where we add new members if necessary. It will be 
> allocated and populated during runtime.
> It is considered to be opaque, values from an extension will be retrieved via 
> api functions, e.g. mariadb_get_optionsv().
> about version numbers:
> MariaDB Connector/C has the version format MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH
> Once we released a MAJOR.MINOR version, we will apply bugfixes only and 
> increase the patch number.
> If we add new functionality, we will increase the minor version, e.g. after 
> adding the binlog api we released 3.1 after 3.0
> If we have a lot of significant changes we bump the major version: E.g. in 
> 3.0 we added a new plugin concept, support for various tls libraries, bulk 
> processing for prepared statements, better unicode support etc.
> Usually you don't need to recompile applications when uograding from 3.0 to 
> 3.1.
> Hope this helps
> /Georg

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