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On Oct 12, Reinis Rozitis wrote:
> > * With MyRocks coming, should we drop TokuDB (and maybe even
> > deprecate in 10.2?) - bugs that MariaDB Corporation reports to
> > Percona don't seem to get fixed.
> This would be sad if that happened.
> Of course I can't say anything about internal issues but those I have
> followed on Jira regarding TokuDB have been fixed in upstream fairly
> quickly (even more the code has been updated to comply Marias
> standards/needs (like in case of memory allocation)).

As far as I know, bugs get fixed, indeed.

The memory allocation issue was a genuine bug in TokuDB, that caused
failures in Percona Server 5.7. I did found it on MariaDB 10.0 first,
indeed, but if it wouldn't affect Percona Server I wouldn't have
reported it upstream at all :)

> Also looking at MyRocks - in the current state it supports even less
> than toku ("No support for Partitions, Online DDL, Transportable
> Tablespace, Foreign Key, Spatial Index, and Fulltext Index") ..
> A major drawback (atleast until compressed binlogs are introduced) is
> the requirement for RBR as it in my case would skyrocket the used
> space.

The main reason to drop TokuDB would be it being redundant.  If MyRocks
and TokuDB would cover, basically, the same use case and MyRocks
would've done it better - then nobody would need TokuDB, right?

But you're saying that they have different use cases and even on the
common use case, MyRocks is not necessarily better - do I understand you
correctly? In that case we should be interesed in keeping TokuDB in
MariaDB Server, not removing it.

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