Making Percona/MariaDB/MySQL better at sharding, and supporting complex
queries (with MPP capability, window functions, CTE,etc.) would really
compete with an enterprise DB, with RedShift, and with Fabric.  Shard-Query
can greatly outperform both the enterprise MySQL Infobright (and MC
ColumnStore) because it parallelizes operations differently, and supports
horizontal scale-out over more than one node (which IB does, and CS does

So what about group replication?  I'm very much interested in group
replication plugins.  Using the GR plugin interface in combination with a
rewrite layer that sits outside of the parser, it should provide
notifications for transaction events and row changes which a sharding layer
could act on appropriately to replicate or distribute data.  It would
coordinate distributed transactions.  This would provide a layer to compete
with Fabric.  If I were to contribute such a layer it would of course have
OLAP support.  This would work with all storage engines and push down
operations in a more optimal way than other distributed MySQL solutions
like MC ColumnStore.

Making it so you can run SQL in the server should be a priority, in my
opinion, as well as implementing a rewrite interface that is outside of the
parser.  I can commit to contributing this new rewrite interface to
Percona/MySQL/MariaDB (whomever wants to implement it) through a relatively
simple patch to MariaDB and MySQL (Percona Server is similar enough to
MySQL such that the MySQL patch should apply cleanly or close to it).

With those capabilities I can implement Shard-Query inside of the server.
The company that I am in the process of joining will support these changes,
and will be responsive to bug reports, etc.  I want to stress that
operating in the free market to support extensions and plugins to open
source software does not represent "competition".  MariaDB can't use their
non-compete clause to prevent me from operating in the ecosystem, as I
would be unable to obtain any job in the marketplace.  That represents
unfair competition.  You can't prevent me from practicing my profession.
Shard-Query (WarpSQL) is engine and server agnostic as long as the server
conforms to the pluggable API which WarpSQL uses. In order to prevent any
possible perceived conflict of interest, or perceived competition, I won't
provide any patches for columnstore, which is a separate MySQL fork
maintained by MariaDB Corporation, than MariaDB itself, which is overseen
by the Foundation.

Let's have a peaceful and community, and let's make MySQL much better at
complex queries.

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 10:32 AM, Roberto Spadim <>

> i read opnions about why choose mysql, and the common point is 'mysql runs
> simple queries really fast' i think that's the main feature of mysql
> 2016-10-14 11:25 GMT-03:00 Reindl Harald <>:
>> Am 14.10.2016 um 15:21 schrieb Richard Bensley:
>>> Me and many others had hope that TokuDB would be the death of InnoDB in
>>> MariaDB, and the catalyst to a truly amazing open source database.
>> please fix that "many others" above by saying "some others" - if we would
>> like a "truly amazing open source database" with is not a mysql dropin
>> replacement we would just use postgresql - the "dead of innodb and myisam
>> in mariadb" would be a clear reason to migrate away at all
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