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I just recently became aware of MarkdownTest_1.0.3 (which discount
fails, due to the behavior of code blocks changing from "leave
whitespace alone except on the first line" to "leave whitespace alone",
and the addition of a new kind of magic link that doesn't seem to be
documented); is this the most recent version of the test suite, or is
there a newer one out there?

I should really create a webpage for MDTest.

Latest release:

Mirror of my git repository (which is more up to date).

MDTest is a testsuite system I build for testing Markdown parsers. It contains all the tests from John's MarkdownTest (the Markdown testsuite), in additions to another testsuite I made for testing PHP Markdown which should probably apply to any Markdown parser (the PHP Markdown testsuite) and other tests for PHP Markdown Extra.

It was also built as a simple performance measurement tool. With the time it takes to process each test and some statistics, it's a lot easier to see how a parser performs with various inputs, as well as to compare parsers one against another.

There is also an XML/HTML normalization system so the output can be compared ignoring insignificant whitespace and meaningless differences in output documents.

Michel Fortin

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