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Hi all


Rohit and I are wording the announcement for the 4.11 release


I’m trying to get a few quotes for the announcements from ACS  users


 Something along the lines of “we’re excited about this new version of 
Cloudstack because of….”


If anybody here is able to provide a quote, can you please ping something over 
to me by Thursday 12:00 GMT


 List of whats new below


 New Features and Improvements

·        Support for XenServer 7.1 and 7.2, and improved support for VMware 6.5.


·        Host-HA framework and HA-provider for KVM hosts with and NFS as 
primary storage, and a new background polling task manager.

Very useful

·        Secure agents communication: new certificate authority framework and a 
default built-in root CA provider.

·        New network type – L2.

·        CloudStack metrics exporter for Prometheus.

Excellent choice

·        Cloudian Hyperstore Connector for CloudStack.

We have our own Ceph storage based cluster. Fully tested with CloudStack with 
50% less price.

·        Annotation feature for CloudStack entities such as hosts.

·        Separation of volume snapshot creation of primary storage and backing 
operation on secondary storage.

Very useful

·        Limit admin access from specified CIDRs.

·        Expansion of Management IP Range.

Good to have.

·        Dedication of public IPs to SSVM and CPVM.

·        Support for separate subnet for SSVM and CPVM.

Both useful

·        Bypass secondary storage template copy/transfer for KVM.


·        Support for multi-disk OVA template for VMware.


·        Storage overprovisioning for local storage.

Awesome too!

·        LDAP mapping with domain scope, and mapping of LDAP group to an 

·        Move user across accounts.

To capitalize on. Good selling point.

·        Support for “VSD managed” networks with Nuage Networks.


·        Extend config drive support for user data, metadata, and password 
(Nuage networks).

Fantastic again!

·        Nuage domain template selection per VPC and support for network 

·        Managed storage enhancements.

Very nice.

·        Support for watchdog timer to KVM Instances.

·        Support for Secondary IPv6 Addresses and Subnets.

·        IPv6 Prefix Delegation support in Basic Networking.

·        Ability to specific mac address while deploying VM or adding a nic to 
a VM.

Great for security features deployment.

·        VMware dvswitch security policies configuration in network offering

Same great for security features deployment.

·        Allow more than 7 nics to be added to a VMware VM.

Very useful

·        Network rate usage for guest offering for VRs.

·        Usage metrics for VM snapshot on primary storage


·        Enable netscaler inline mode.

Another great one.

·        NCC integration in CloudStack.

·        The retirement of Midonet network plugin.

UI Improvements 
·        High precision of metrics in the dashboard.

Always nice to have more precise DB.

·        Event timeline – filter related events.

Useful a lot.

·        Navigation improvements: 

·         VRs to account, network, instances

·         Network and VRs to instances.

·        List view improvements: 

·         As applicable, account, zone, network columns in list views.

·         States and related columns with icons in various infrastructure 
entity views.

·         Additional columns in several list views.

·        New columns for additional information.

·        Bulk operation support for stopping and destroying VMs (known the 
issue of manual refreshing required).

Structural Improvements
All great features
·        Embedded Jetty and improved CloudStack management server configuration.

·        Improved support for Java 8 in built artifacts/modules, packaging, and 
systemvm template.

·        Debian 9 based systemvm template: 

·         Patches system VM without reboot, reduces VR/systemvm startup time to 
few tens of seconds.

·         Faster console proxy startup and service availability.

·         Improved support for redundant virtual routers, conntrackd and 

·         Improved strongswan provided VPN (s2s and remote access).

·         Packer based systemvm template generation and reduced disk size.

·         Several optimization and improvements.


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