Hello all,

I've identified what I think are the major milestones before I'd
consider our Influitive AdvocateHub fully launched.

I've tried to be generous with my estimates. My free time for CouchDB
is bursty and unpredictable (sorry about that!) but I can try my best
to keep to this schedule.

How about this for a timeline:

2014-07-07 Finish up initial set of challenges
2014-07-14 Do a Google Hangout with the marketing team
2014-07-21 finish setup of points and badges
2014-07-28 Finalise funding for rewards
2014-08-04 Configure initial set of rewards
2014-08-11 Publish everything and open hub to marketing team only

(At this point we are launched, but then comes the gradual roll out to
more and more people.)

2014-08-25 Open hub to dev list
2014-09-08 Open hub to user list
2014-09-22 Add widget to blog and website

The only risk here is that I hit a snag with the funding. I'm going to
pursue that off-list and I'll report back as necessary.


Noah Slater

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