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I think you need to put the original source code on the Cd.

No, it is sufficient to provide a link to the code, but this link must be valid for a reasonable time.

Due to server capacities I don't know if TDF will be able to provide such continuously reachable links to every version of LibreOffice, but this should be discussed by the SC (CC'ing the SC-discuss list).

If we have a reliable external repository for previous versions (don't know how long they need to be stored - 3 years?), CDs could link there.

For DVD with enough space on the disc it is easier to include the sources IMHO.

 The GPL agreement
allows you and/or the library/school to make a small profit from the sale of the
Cds and to cover costs.

It's LGPL, but this doesn't make a difference, as LGPL refers to GPL.

As far a I know there is no clause in the license that hinders anybody to take as much money as wanted for the CDs/DVDs.

But I'd like to see us pointing out, that fair use of LibreOffice includes the information about free download from our website, so everybody will have the chance to decide how much she is willing to pay.

(And part of the money earned by selling CDs/DVDs could be donated to the community...)

 I guess an ideal Cd would have the installers for all
the various platforms along with the source code but you might want to have
different Cds for Windows Mac and possibly Linux.

That depends on the goals of the CDs/DVDs.

I like the approach of LibreOffice-Box (present state at http://www.libreofficebox.org/, at the moment only in German) providing an ISO with all installers, source code, documentation, extensions and artwork (as well as related open source software) on DVD.

But if you want to provide CDs only it might be necessary to divide the installers by language or operating system.

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