Dear Mike,

Yes. I was referring to the similar events. Having this sprint as a group 
activity in different locations would encourage more people to contribute.  

Having some goodies - even virtual like small certificate of appreciation - 
softcopy would do - would encourage more and students to participate in such 

We can have our hack fests and Sprints. We need to encourage more and more 
students and young people to contribute. It also should help them to learn and 
add some value to their life. 

It will be great if we have good collaboration with development team and if 
they could classify the issues that could be take up in Sprints/Hackfest into 
different levels and mark them as Beginner (Easy Hack), Medium, Expert (or 5 
levels) according to their wish.Also it could be prioritized and marked as 
urgent, non-urgent, etc.  Provide only those issues similar to the way we 
present in Sprint week page.   

Share this information across different social media and urge the sprint teams 
to join us online on one or two days across the world. In case of Mozilla they 
used Gitter and ether pad for collaboration. 

Most important thing is that if the contributors/sprinters have something to 
take hope as a token of appreciation would encourage lots of people to join. 
Even stickers, softcopy of certificate would be a good option. 

We can take this up. Is it possible to get contact of the people who organised 
the hack fests in past? 


Sreekanth V K

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On May 25, 2018 2:22 PM, Mike Saunders <> 

> Hi Sreekanth,
> On 23/05/2018 22:22, Sreekanth V K wrote:
> > Recently, I participated in Mozilla Sprint 2018. The similar concepts
> would be a good way to reach out to the people and community.
> > We can have Sprint like concepts for the Libre Office projects alone
> with appropriate promotion.
> Thanks for sharing your experience! It sounds a bit like the hackfests
> that we have done in the past, albeit with a broader focus. We're also
> doing things like this:
> The main thing is finding the time to organise and run them, so if
> anyone has ideas and wants to help out, we'll support you to the best of
> our capabilities :-)
> Cheers,
> Mike
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