at this years LibreOffice conference, I gave a talk about a very, very specific
technical topic on Writer internals. I assume maybe a dozen souls were really
the right target audience for it. I dont think the talk was a waste of time, as
I hope it still is very helpful for these folks.

Still, I can imagine an unsuspecting audience member being turned off by the
talk as it gave little to build from for someone new on the project.

I wonder if for the next conference, we should (self-?)label at least technical
talks as e.g. "beginner" or "advanced". With that, when scheduling the 
we can take this into account and allow at least one talk in a slot to be
suitable for newcomers to the project AND we can explicitly mark those talk in
the program, which should help onboarding a lot.

Looking at the schedule and the other talks, I assume I wasnt alone in having a
tech talk only suitable for a small subset of attendees (but I will try to do
better next time: An onboarding talk for a wider audience usually is less work
than a deeply specific one for a small expert audience).

(Marketing ML isnt the best fit for this topic, but as next years conference is
far off, I considered it my best bet. Also: confere...@global.libreoffice.org
seems to be missing on nabble and on
https://listarchives.libreoffice.org/global/conference/ seems to have stopped
publishing ~a year ago.)



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