On 10/11/2016 10:05 AM, Eduard Lucena wrote:
Hi Marketing and Magazine teams,

Since we decided to split Magazine from Marketing, having Magazine ML and
IRC Channel separate from Marketing (Marketing meeting for August 30, 2016)
we were working really fine. But now we hit a stone, Magazine have no
Pagure or trac to follow tickets/issues.

For now, we are working with Marketing Pagure, and we have 3 issues related
to the Magazine:
 208, 233, and 239.

The idea with this mail is to discuss with both teams if we should split
magazine's issues from Marketing Pagure, being Magazine still a subproject
of Marketing.


Hey Eduard, thanks for starting this thread. I'll rehash what I said in the meeting, but I think that a Pagure repository specific to the Fedora Magazine isn't necessary. Even though the Magazine is still a little more split off from Fedora Marketing, I believe that it is still a "sub-sub-project" of Marketing. A lot of interests that Marketing may have now and in the future may be of interest for the Fedora Magazine.

I also think a Trac just for the Magazine won't be heavily used. Anything technical can be filed on the Fedora Infrastructure Pagure, and Magazine editors can take a look on the Fedora Marketing Pagure too (there's a fair bit of overlap).

This is my 2ยข but I'm open to what others think would work best or is least confusing.

Justin W. Flory

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