I mentioned today, during a talk with Justin that it might would be an
idea to also provide material on the "Fediverse"[4]

Mastodon is growing pretty fast right now and got more than a million
users within the past 2 years or so. Most of them are positive towards
tech, free software and diversity and could be a great win this way.

Also there are a lot creative minds and organizations like Gnome[2] have
official accounts there.

Of course we need to generate content on them. That's why there is a
cross poster[3] for twitter as a first step.

And since we talked today about the possible need of more design people,
we may find some creative minds there too, as there are some instances
that are about art and design[5] :)

[1]: https://joinmastodon.org/
[2]: https://floss.social/@gnome
[3]: http://crossposter.masto.donte.com.br/
[4]: https://fediverse.party
[5]: https://mastodon.art/about


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