The following link updates are offered for consideration.

>From :

Sugar (wiki)
    Get involved -
    Get the source -

Teams (wiki)
    Wiki -
    Translation -
                  (new entry)

Quick Links (wiki)
    FAQ -
    Glossary -
               (new entry)
    Recent changes  (lower case on non-formal secondary words)

On this page, , the
'Education bibliographies' link need to point to 
the EducationTeam part of the URI).

On this page, ,

   1. the (?) icon is linked to , but should
      rather link to ,
      or, perhaps, one of the following: for the XO Help
      activity (this is an activities page), but since it is out-of-date and
      a newer version is imminent, the wiki page, , has more general Sugar help
      references.  (This deserves more consideration.)

      the 'Help' 'Documentation and Help for Sugar' link should also be updated

   2. the 'Distance' activity is now called 'Acoustic Tape Measure',

   3. the page might be updated with links for some other popular Activities, 
      b. Physics -

The 'Learn more' links on this page,
are pointing to camelCase names for the Team pages.  They should be updated
from to, for example, except for, which has a unique name.

The 'learners' page,
takes a long time to load on a lower-bandwidth connection.  Would it be
possible to use smaller images for the initial page load?

The 'Try Sugar' link on
should point to

All the Team links on this page,
simply launch a new copy of the page.  I think you wanted them to go to the
Team pages on the wiki.

On the primary navigation bar at
the link targets for
    resources / search / donate / contact
        are all pointing to
I imagine that you will be creating a sub panel for resources to include
links for the wiki, blog, lists, bugs, repositories, schools, api, buildbot,
people, meeting, & translate sites.

(The same link errors noted for sitemap above apply here, as well.)

Thanks,          --Fred

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