> From: Andrea Pescetti [mailto:pesce...@apache.org] 

> Two thing must be said: there was no time for coordination since the 
> press release had been accidentally made available before the planned 
> date; and the press release is traditionally kept confidential before 
> issuing it (while the Release notes are not).
> Still, I agree that translation volunteers must be given 
> access to the 
> Press Release so that they can translate it and issue it soon 
> after the 
> English one. 

Exactly, that is the problem.

I am ready to make a translation as quickly as possible, but I need practically 
at least 24-48 hours of time.

> Joerg, what if we create a copy of the Press Release on the 
> CWiki and we 
> append each translation as child page? Would it work? 

Yes, that would be a possibility.

I have little time, because of my professional activity, but I will try to make 
the translation as fast as possible. I think within 48 hours.


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