A striped dolphin stranded in Tarragona on 7 of September was confirmed to have 
morbillivirus disease. It was a juvenile female (180 cm long, 47 Kg). The 
dolphin showed abnormal swimming, and bradypnoea (1 breath/min). It died few 
hours after stranding. A necropsy was performed at the Veterinary School of the 
Autonomous University of Barcelona. The dolphin had broncho-interstitial 
pneumonia and lymphoid cell depletion in lymph nodes, with presence of 
syncytial cells and viral inclusions (both in nucleus as well as in cytoplasm), 
and mild, multifocal encephalitis. Morbillivirus infection was detected by 
immunohistochemistry in lung, brain and lymphoid organs. Therefore, a systemic 
CeMV disease was diagnosed, which implies circulation of CeMV in the striped 
dolphin population, after an epidemiological silence of 9 years. For the 
moment, an increase of the basal mortality of this species has not been noted 
in the area.
This diagnose has been performed under the framework of the Catalonian 
Government’s program for surveillance of marine mammal mortality.

Mariano Domingo

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