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Position title: Report Writer (management position)
Location: Dunbar, East Lothian, UK
Job type: Full-time permanent position
Salary: Competitive salary subject to qualifications and experience

Ocean Science Consulting (OSC) Limited seeks to expand its Dunbar-based UK 
team. Applications are invited for a full-time, Report Writer (RW). OSC is an 
international research and technology-focused marine science company involved 
principally in the global supply of underwater noise measurement and modelling, 
marine mammal detection, and risk mitigation services. OSC reinvests > 80% of 
profits into Research & Development (R&D), orientated primarily towards 
high-level research on the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) and other 
marine life interactions with offshore installations, improving marine mammal 
and environmental monitoring standards worldwide, and underwater noise. This 
has resulted in several peer-reviewed publications 
 and a non-profit book entitled the Marine Mammal Observer and Passive Acoustic 
Monitoring Handbook 

This is a managerial role, so prior supervision experience is essential. In the 
capacity of RW, you will work closely with the Directors, Team Manager, and 
OSC's employees and contractors to produce and deliver high calibre reports in 
short time periods, with tight deadlines, often outside usual working hours. If 
you are not able to complete a high-calibre report within one week, do not 
apply for this position. This is not an academic position.

OSC seeks a motivated individual to become a valued member of this highly 
successful research team. You will be responsible for data collection, 
assimilation, preparation, analysis, interpretation, and presentation to 
clients. We are looking for a candidate who has previous commercial experience 
in this field. You must also be a commercially qualified and experienced Marine 
Mammal Observer (MMO) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operator. The role 
includes working offshore in a range of sectors 
(<>). Do not apply if you 
are easily prone to seasickness, unfit medically, or not prepared to spend long 
periods (>6 consecutive weeks, occasionally more) away from home, although 
durations are usually less.

Key responsibilities

  *   High-level consultancy report preparation, management, and submission;
  *   Quality Control (QC) of OSC reports carried-out by others;
  *   Management of report progress and deadlines;
  *   Management of the OSC data team;
  *   Preparation of peer-reviewed papers;
  *   Submission of peer-review papers to scientific journals;
  *   Dealing with the peer-review process;
  *   Literature reviews;
  *   Data preparation, entry and management;
  *   Creation and maintenance of databases (including Microsoft Excel);
  *   Statistical analyses of biological datasets, including statistical 
  *   Analysis of Remotely Operated Vehicle footage;
  *   Generation of high-level figures and graphs for presentations, reports, 
and publications;
  *   Creation of maps in QGIS;
  *   Organisation of research sourced from journals and list servers; and,
  *   Entry of publications into referencing software (EndNote).

Other responsibilities

  *   Stock control and testing of PAM and other oceanographical equipment;
  *   Working offshore as MMO & PAM Operator;
  *   Generation of content for social media and websites;
  *   Day-to-day administration; and,
  *   Carry out any duties which your line manager may reasonably request 
within the broad parameters of your role.

Other desirable, but not necessary experience

  *   A higher qualification in English (A-Level, Higher, etc.);
  *   At least one-peer-reviewed scientific publication;
  *   Practical experience working with C-PODs;
  *   Experience processing, handling, and analysis of C-POD datasets
  *   Practical experience working with CTDs;
  *   Experience handling oceanographic datasets;
  *   Experience with noise measurement; and,
  *   Experimental design.

Qualifications, skills, and experience
A degree (minimum 2:1) in a relevant scientific marine discipline (marine 
biology or marine biology & oceanography). A Masters degree or PhD is not a 
requirement for this role, but applicants with these level of qualifications 
are encouraged. Qualifications and experience in the offshore sector (do not 
apply for this position if you do not already have prior offshore experience 
and possess medical, BOSIET, MMO, and PAMO certificates), and previous 
commercial experience writing reports at a level expected by the offshore 
industries and associated licencing/permitting/environmental authorities. The 
candidate must have an excellent standard of spelling, punctuation, and both 
written and verbal grammar, and be able to write quickly (with a low level of 
mistakes) at very high level. English is required as a first language; other 
languages are a bonus, but not essential. Extensive QGIS (or similar) 
experience is a must, as is the ability to produce figures and charts at high 
level. The job requires extensive use of referencing software (Endnote). The 
candidate must be highly numerate and familiar with and statistical software 
packages (e.g. SigmaStat, R). The ability to perform statistical modelling 
(General Linear Modelling, GLM, General Additive Modelling, GAM) is required. 
The successful candidate will also be working in the field as an MMO/PAMO.

To succeed in this role, you will need the following characteristics: strong 
leadership and managerial skills, professional and discreet, positive and happy 
attitude, honest, self-motivated, career-driven, diligent without 
encouragement, go that extra mile with alacrity (whether for your line manager 
or the whole OSC team) and see through projects from start to finish with 
minimal guidance and supervision. Intelligent, capable of autonomous thought, 
exhibit initiative (often under pressure with minimal deadlines & resources), 
volunteer ideas for improvements and progress without request, excellent phone 
manner, willingness for involvement in a wide variety of tasks (including 
unfamiliar territory), prepared to work in a fast-paced-work environment and 
meet tight deadlines, and work equally as well independently and as part of a 
team, highly numerate and literate (both verbally and written), IT and 
tech-savvy (in particular with Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), excellent 
organisation and planning, adept at multitasking and prioritising (RWs can be 
involved in multiple research projects simultaneously), inquiring and 
interested about the business and its industry, commercial awareness, flexible 
with working hours (altering start and finish times to reflect management's 
requirements across our different world-wide office locations and time zones, 
and will include occasional evenings and weekends).

Apply only if you meet the aforementioned requirements. Do not apply if you do 
not have your full offshore medical and certifications.

If interested, please send your CV and cover letter to:<>. Only shortlisted 
candidates will be contacted. Please activate a return/read receipt function on 
your email application, as we expect high volumes of applicants.

Application deadline: 7 March 2018

Kind Regards,
OSC Recruitment Team.

Sophie Cox
Team Manager
Ocean Science Consulting Limited (OSC)
Spott Road, Dunbar, East Lothian, EH42 1RR, Scotland, UK
M: +44 (0)7974 135 788
T: +44 (0)1368 865 722

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