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**Fin whales lunge feeding off the coast of Garraf, Barcelona, Spain

*Barcelona, 6 April 2018 –*The EDMAKTUB research team filmed exceptional images that have never been seen before of two fin whales feeding at the surface in the Mediterranean Sea. The images were recorded off the coast of Garraf (Catalonia, south of Barcelona, northestern Spain) where numerous whales have been sighted feeding over recent days.

*You can see the video here*:

*Images never seen before*. This is the first time aerial images have been recorded showing this behaviour on the part of the species (Balaenoptera physalus) in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the extraordinary quality of the images, this video is also of great scientific importance. It provides valuable information regarding how these animals feed, which will allow us to better understand their diet as well as their feeding behaviour.

It can clearly be seen that the whales repeat the same behaviour up to six times in the video.The whales turn on their side, and speed up before opening their vast mouths to trap several tons of water inside, which swells their bodies from the jaw to the middle section. Next, they close their mouths, expelling the water through their baleen plates, filtering out the food which they will then swallow. Within seconds, the body returns to its usual slender form.

*Large numbers of whales this season*. All of the images which appear in the two-and-a-half minute video come from the same sequence, which originally lasted some five minutes in total. As the video begins, a single whale appears, and then later, a second animal rises from deeper waters. In addition, that day ten individual whales were observed feeding in the same area.

*Scientific results*. The fin whale is a migratory species which visits the Catalan Coast to feed during the spring months. Since 2013, the EDMAKTUB Organisation has been studying these animals whenever ocean conditions that allow its presence through their Fin Whale Project. During that time, they have been able to establish that the Balearic Sea is an area where these whales come to feed. Up to now, it was believed that the animals were simply passing through these waters. The Fin Whale Project is supported by the Barcelona Zoo Foundation and the Vilanova Sailing Club (Club Nàutic Vilanova).

*More information*regarding the findings of the Fin Whale Project can be found in ANNUAL REPORT. This includes a detailed description of the Project and its results up to 2017:

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