The Dolphin Communication Project (DCP, is 
currently seeking students for multiple programs during summer 2018. 
Position/Program details, with remaining spaces, are listed below. 

DCP looks at how dolphins communicate and attempts to shed more light on the 
meaning of their interactions. With research ongoing since 1991, our questions 
focus primarily on communication and behavior among dolphins. Our Bimini, 
Bahamas research site is where we study wild Atlantic spotted and bottlenose 
dolphins, maintaining photo-ID catalogs with over 250 individuals. A full 
publication list is available on our website. All programs may qualify for 
academic credit, however it the student's responsibility to arrange this. DCP 
can provide a letter confirming participation and contact hours. Additional 
reading material and/or assignments can be assigned. All positions will remain 
open until filled, however we are eager to fill all remaining positions as soon 
as possible.

Short-Term Field Internship:
Number of vacancies: 2
Dates: 22 May - 3 June 
Location: Bimini, The Bahamas

Summer Internship:
Number of vacancies: 1 (due to housing constrains, only female applicants will 
be considered)
Dates: 22 May - 27 July
Locations: 22 May - 22 June at Port Saint Lucie, FL office; 25 June - 27 July 
at Bimini, Bahamas field site

May Research Experience:
Number of vacancies: 2
Dates: 26 May - 31 May
Location: Bimini, The Bahamas
Note: This is an un-catered program, but other details at link above are 

August Research Experience:
Number of vacancies: 6
Dates: 26 Aug - 31 August
Location: Bimini, The Bahamas

All questions can be directed to Kel Sweeting at


Kelly Melillo Sweeting, M.Sc.
Research Associate & Bimini Research Manager
Dolphin Communication Project
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