Thanks, Ron, for the inspiration.

After scanning your code I realized that this situation is even easier. All 
I need to do is when I hit the point where I want to tell these apart (both 
productions have the same token at this point), that I can recognize 
anything I want with lexeme_read, so I just need to decide whether I want 
to recognize this parse or the other. I don't even have to get into 
resolving ambiguous parses.

And I found that I can put the "no output parentheses" even around 
non-explicit lexical elements, so my little check above does not even end 
up in the parse tree.

On Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 12:08:45 AM UTC-5, Thomas Weigert wrote:
> Sorry for the following beginner's question....
> I have an ambiguous grammar which I would like to resolve during parsing.
> I arranged for an event to be triggered when I have seen enough so that I 
> can make a decision whether the current production will be the right one 
> (by considering context). I would like to in the event handler either 
> accept this lexeme (when I determine that this production is the correct 
> one) or reject this lexeme (when I determine that this production is the 
> wrong one). If I reject this lexeme, I hope that marpa will go on to try 
> the other production which will now be the correct one.
> Is this something reasonable to want to accomplish? If so, is there any 
> example I could emulate for this behavior. It is easy to accept the lexeme, 
> but I am having a hard time figuring out how to reject it and continue 
> trying.
> Thanks for any suggestions.

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