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> One esoteric twist in the Perry post that I didn't let you in on is that
he does not have a very nationalist background. His organization has a lot
of emphasis on white/black unity for class struggle. In fact , I was a bit
surprised at how nationalist the tone of the article. So, I thought it was
interesting to see this black centeredness from this particular comrade.
But most on this list would not know that. 
>Also, Perry and his marxist group are very much in practice. They have
organized the Welfare Rights Organization. They make a true effort at unity
of theory and practice. So, I am interested myself in seeing if Perry's
thinking will give me real insights into the current actual situation.

I am not sure whether you write this way because you are an amiable guy,
and are prepared to be broad minded about issues that others would regard
as heresy, or do you have a conscious belief in a strategy of a united
front in the black movement, which should take in a number of different
political points of view. Does this work as a united front in practice?

If so, is the general direction of the movement positive, what are the main

CB: I don't see anyway but through Black/White unity. However, from experience in 
trying to win that unity, I have found that I had to move to a tougher pro-Black 
stance. There is just such a heavy contradiction in reality that I can't help but have 
a contradiction in my position. I try to be honest with white comrades that I am 
pushing them to focus on racism more, because of my experience, not out of 
self-centered resentment. Also, as a Black person, I have found that in order to enjoy 
life , I have to stay with Black people more. Even the best white people can't help 
but to treat me somewhat worse than the average white person. Nonetheless, I have 
genuine white friends and comrades. I was even closer to white people when I was 
younger, It was from that genuine experience that I concluded that for my own mental 
health I had to spend most of my social time with black people.

I'm sorry if this sounds contradictory, but I am trying to be truthful. I don't feel 
the same on e-mail. 

Politically this means what I say. I focus on white/black unity, but my method of 
pursuing it , after much experience, has more emphasis on my own self-respect than in 
the past. In the end, white workers will want to join with black wokers who have 
self-respect. Self-respect begets respect from others. 

I raise black /white unity in the Black Radical Congress, but I also raise the 
obligation of white radicals to fight racism more fiercely than ever.


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