Rob writes..
>And what do you reckon, George?  Is capital in the throes of laying the
>foundation for another smooth accumulation cycle?  Is it just fixing to
>destroy some excess capital, centralise a few things, concentrate some
>stuff, discipline those irksome German and Gallic tribes, and feel the
>benefit of the 'information age'?  Or is America about to distort its
>economy, lose its competitiveness in salient sectors, watch its greenback
>slip and its rates rise, stop being the importer of last resort, and drive a
>dozen economies into world-stopping depression?  Are we at a significant
>moment here: a new bout of belligerent protectionism (as likely to assert
>itself in the third world this year as it is in a suddenly desperate America
>next year) yawning behind one door and a finally triumphant free-trade
>hegemony behind the other?  Will a resurgent Japan suddenly bring
>interventionist industry policy back into favour world-wide?  Is Keynes
>really dead?  

Which TV you been warching Rob? I suggest changing the channel..Europe is in the thows 
of a political crisis over the demise of the political leadership walking out after 
all the skandals. The Germans under Social Democracy have the chairman post and are 
manuvering to put their people into the key positions and are determining the pace of 
extension to the east.

Indonesia is about to explode in another bloodbath anf then we have the Balkan crisis 
which could lead to a war dragging both Macedonia,Greece and Turkey into it.

The market is a paper tiger. Living off speculation and air bubbles. 

Mass unemployment, is still creeping up as lay offs and downsizing and "reforming the 
public sector" goes at and increasingly faster pace to wrip off all of the gains made 
since the last big war.

Even in that imperialist hole you live in they are manuvering around Bougainville.

Meanwhile nothing in regards to the ex SU has been solved but is continuing in its 
downward spiral connected to growing nationalism and semi fascist solutions.

And then there is China..Which in itself is the key to your part of the world 
connected to the growing militarism in Japan..

So nothing much has changed Since we discussed this last year.

Meanwhile I see Charlie is posting stuff from the BRC list. A hopeless political 
enterprise which will not solve anything for the ruthless suppression of blacks and 
other minorities in America.

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki

Still snowing here and a couple of meters od snow on the ground. But the sun is back! 
Yesterday we had "solstånd" which means that the sun is up 12 hours a day and heading 
for 24 hours a day..Going out to ski this morning with the kids from school. 30 
kilometers as the crow flys.

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